Meet Chris


Accomplishments (thru Jan. 2011):

1st place- 53

Top 5-     67

Top 10-   98

Top 25-   116

Top 50-   174

3 Angler of the Year Titles (Southern Bassmasters) Prior 2000

Top 5 in points Dixieland Bassmasters (Winter Trail only)

4 time American Bass Anglers National Qualifier 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008

2 time American Pro Tour/Grand Slam Series Championship Qualifier 2007-2008

Top 5 Angler of the Year Standing American Pro Tour (Grand Slam Series) 2007

Top 10 Angler of the year (2008)

Top 15 BWS Regional (12th) 2010

Bassmasters Weekend Series National Championship Qulifier-2010

Family: Recon (dog)

Hobbies: Hunting, lure painting/design, teaching

Favorite Water: Lake Guntersville, Lake Champlain

Favorite Structure: Aquatic Grass

Favorite Lure: Crankbait, Swimbait, Dropshot

Boat: Triton TR-21X

Motor: Mercury 225 Pro XS


Born just west of Birmingham, Alabama, Chris grew up with fishing as a large part of his life. Being the son of a Police Officer, he understands the importance of family time. Fishing is where he and his family found time to be together. In 1995 Chris followed in his father’s “footsteps” and began work with the Birmingham Police Department. Chris moved up through the ranks and was a Detective in the Narcotics Division when he moved to follow his dreams of professional bass fishing.

Chris is now the owner and lead guide for Fins-N-Grins Freshwater Adventures and fishes on several national tournament trails. Chris is also the National Pro-Staff Manager for “The Professor, Elite Series Products. Chris is a member of several organizations including Professional Anglers Association, B.A.S.S., FLW, American Bass Anglers, and Alabama BASS Federation along with conducting seminars with “Hooked on Fishing Not on Drugs”, “Becoming an Outdoors Woman” for the DCNR and various boat shows. Chris is also the author of several fishing related articles which have been published in several papers and magazines including Bassmasters Magazine (March 2007) and currently writes for several outdoor magazines in addition to making numerous TV/Radio appearances on national and local stations. Chris has found being a guide has allowed him the most important thing about being a professional angler, time on the water. Chris spends an average of 318 days a year on the water conducting both guide trips and participating in fishing tournaments. Being a guide has placed him in the position to interact with numerous types of anglers, and has allowed him to promote his sponsors products on a daily basis. Chris is also very involved in several “social networks” (i.e. Facebook, Twitter ect.) which allows him to interact with anglers throughout the U.S. and build a large customer base for both his business as well as his sponsors.